Cadabams , Bangalore is a govt. of Karnataka recognised residential center for psycho-social rehabiliation - You should get a fix by a search on or on by typing "cadabams" or you can see all the details pertaining to this place by simply following the link below : - The center is dedicated to the memory of  the late Amita M. Cadabam , daughter of Smt and Sri. C. A. Mannar Krishna Shetty ( I  presume they would have contributed to extensively or perhaps founded the place) - The place is located on the southern outer fringes  of  Bangalore city at the address - 

Cadabam's Home for Mentally Disabled Trust ( Regd.)
Gulkamale Village , Near Kaggalipura ,
Post : Taralu , 17th Mile , Kanakapura Road , Bangalore - 560062 , INDIA.
Phone : 080 - 28432841 / 843 / 844/ 867 / 985 / 986.
Fax: 080 - 2843 2840 E-mail :

I am not sure but I have a feeling that the monthly pricing could be between Rs.7000 to Rs.12000 and probably the Trust would also have some provisions for lump sum payment as long term care arrangement - You would get the exact details by making direct contact with the concerned staff in charge -