About Psychosocial Rehabilitation

If you are wondering why this topic has figured in my chess website , I must mention here that I have been for quite some time , a life member of the WAPR  ( World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation ) The well known centers in South India for treatment required by those with mental illness are located at Kilpauk in Chennai and Nimhans at Bangalore - However the average public is not well acquainted with the required details , scientific background of such matters and goes astray in handling such issues within the family - For those of you , who seek treatment for family members with mental illness , or rehabilitation following treatment , I give below a list of places providing such facilities - I will gradually expand  the column to provide details on a wider basis , possibly all over India and perhaps international too - Readers are welcome to send further details for inclusion , any corrections etc which would be useful to such as would be interested in these matters -  

Rehabilitation places at Bangalore , India - 

You can get the details of places in Bangalore running such facilities by clicking on the links given below - Basically all the places are run by qualified people with supporting staff etc but the variation lies in the ambience , the number of inmates , the size of the place and accordingly the tariff also varies - Furthermore it is relevant where you are looking for short term or long term support -    

Andrews Rehabilitation Trust  Bangalore 

Cadabams Bangalore

Richmond Fellowship Society Bangalore

Medico-Pastoral Home Bangalore

There is a lot of unwanted fuss these days about the term "mental illness" - Human rights are of course important but it should not be carried to ridiculous extents - People are called as "ably disabled" (what does that mean?) "mentally challenged" etc - Illness is just illness and something that needs to be medically treated with drugs and perhaps in these cases good advice too in the form of counseling - Illness might be cured thus requiring no further treatment and on the other hand it might require constant medication for several years and perhaps even life long - I do not see how this is very different from someone taking drugs regularly for say a disease or disorder like asthma or diabetes -

There seems to be some kind of stigma attached to this topic with the result that the average public tends to conceal the details of mental  illness within the family - This factor coupled with a misplaced affection or clinging tendency motivates the family to keep the mentally ill member untreated and within the home surroundings - Religious background adds to the problem as mental illness is often interpreted as "possession by evil spirits" , possession by divine entity" and again the patient remains untreated for a long time - There are places like Murugamala in Karnataka or the Khwaja Ahmed Chishty Darga at Ajmer in Rajasthan where there is a Muslim slant towards driving away evil spirits - Hindus have their "maandrikans" and "poojaris" performing such rituals especially in Kerala while the Christians have their "exorcists" The television media is also quite irresponsible in projecting several horror serials that glorify such concepts and serve to reinforce many superstitions amidst the Indian public - It is no wonder that even literate people lack the proper judgment to deal with such problems within the family -

Here I am speaking specifically about disorders like  schizophrenia and we must not confuse this with autistic children , mentally retarded , spastics etc which are dealt with by other bodies in a more specific manner - 

I shall try to gradually expand this column to include details about the following topics -

The usual reasons for mental illness

The problems faced by patients

The problems faced by family members

The places for treatment

Follow up rehabilitation places have already been listed at the very start -